Why Float?

Benefits of Floating

What can “floating” actually do for you?

  • When you float you are completely isolated from all external stimulations. During this time, your mind and body have absolutely no distractions, it’s just you. Free from all external stimulation, your body can experience a state of relaxation which is deeper, purer, and more beneficial than sleep. Without your mind having a body to tend to, it can take care of other important business that might otherwise be ignored!
  • Anyone can float and everyone is encouraged to. We all deal with this tough thing called “life”. We all know that with life comes a lot of hardships. Pain, depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia, etc.  All of us have dealt with at least one of these things throughout our lifetime.
  • Today, prescription drugs are often the first port of call.   Unfortunately they do not always provide the solution and in extreme cases can make things worse. Health side-effects, dependency and addiction are often problems associated with them.  Why deal with all of that when you have a healthy, NATURAL way of taking care of these things?

male float

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