Floatation and Sport

Did you know? Many athletes use floatation to gain greater mental clarity before a competition, as well as to recuperate from sport, as it is known to stimulate the healing process.

Much like you and I, Floating allows athletes to ‘let go’ of distractions to allow them to focus on the competition ahead, or even to use visualisation techniques to achieve a specific goal.

A selection of Floaters you might have heard of…

Wayne Rooney

Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney went as far as buying his own Floating tank after seeing the benefits for himself.

Jade Johnson (retired English track and field athlete)

Jade has claimed that using Floatation therapy three times a week was beneficial in helping her prepare for the 2008 European Cup, where she jumped a personal best and also qualified for the Beijing Olympics.

Carl Lewis

American former track and field athlete Carl Lewis is also known to have used Floating therapy in the past, particularly as part of his preparation for the 1980 Olympics.

Floatation therefore benefits sportspeople in the following ways:

  • It reduces the levels of Lactic acid in the body
  • It speeds up the recovery from injury
  • It is the perfect place for visualisation
  • It allows each and every muscle in the body to get the rest that it needs.


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