Q. Are there situations in which I will not be permitted to use the floatation tank?

We will not allow you to float if you have any of the following conditions: Infectious skin diseases.  Respiratory disorders. Open bleeding wounds – though Vaseline is provided for small cuts and grazes. Incontinence. Epilepsy or serious mental conditions. Serious physical limitations. Wearing fake-tan products. Having newly dyed hair where colour still runs when washed. Under the influence of any drug or alcohol. Currently menstruating. Under 18 without parental presence.

We expect you to inform us of any conditions for your own safety and the safety of other floaters! We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at any time!

Q. Do I need to be able to swim? No, it’s more like taking a bath than going for a swim; the water is only 28cm deep! (About 11 inches).

Q. Will I fall asleep and is it safe if I do? Some people do fall asleep, it’s completely safe, you float on your back with no tendency to turn over, you wake refreshed.

Q. What about pregnant women? It is wonderful relief for pregnant women up to the last month, just check with your doctor that there are no medical complications for you. The weightless environment of the tank is actually greatly beneficial for expectant mothers because it relieves the stress and strain on the back and abdominal muscles. The deep state of relaxation is also wonderful for both mother and child.

Q. Might I be too heavy or too small to float? No, everybody can float, but EN regulations state that children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult in the float room.

Q. Will I feel claustrophobic inside? In our single pod, called Tranquillity, you can float the entire time with the door open if you wish, and with the lights on, you have full control of the motorised door. In our Cabin, there is full standing height and plenty of room, and again you can control the lighting and keep the door open if you wish.

Q. Will my skin wrinkle up? No. As the water contains high salt levels it doesn’t rob your skin of salt (which is what causes wrinkling). Rather, it leaves your skin soft and silky.

Q. Can I wear a swimming costume? Yes, but most people do prefer to float naked. As you lock yourself in your own floatation room, it’s really like being in a private bathroom.

Q. Can I have music inside the float tank? Yes of course, and by telling reception in advance you can choose whether to fade it away or to have music all through the session. Many people have found that whilst floating they enter a suggestible mental state and that foreign language or self-improvement tapes are thus more effective to use. You may bring your own MP3 player, IPOD or CD and we will be happy to play this for you while you float.

Q. What is the salt in the water? We use the purest quality Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulphate) which is quite unlike sea salt. It is very good for your skin and, in fact, magnesium can be absorbed through the skin correcting common deficiency and with wide-ranging benefits.

Q. How is water hygiene maintained? The risk of catching anything from another floatation-bed user is virtually non-existent. Epsom salt naturally kills bacteria. Also, we pump the used water through a filter between each session, which removes all particles, and use bromine and chlorine solution that sterilizes the bed, eliminating any bacteria or viruses. The curved shape of the bed also discourages bacteria growth. In addition, Epsom salt is non-toxic, so it won’t harm you if you accidentally swallow it.

Q. What keeps my hair from being damaged? You wash your hair before and after your float session; there is nothing in the Epsom salt solution that will damage your hair.

Q. Can I just turn up and float? We would prefer that you make an appointment beforehand as so not to be disappointed, but if we have a space available if you come in without an appointment, we will, of course, let you float!

Q. Is floating successful for everyone? Floating, as with other things, doesn’t suit everybody. It needs willingness on your part to let go and see what happens, and nervous people may need to float a few times before they are able to relax completely, both physically and mentally. Depending on your own journey through life, a float might provide an hour of total physical relaxation, immense stress relief or a profound healing experience, emotionally and spiritually transforming. Floating can be a wonderful aid to opening doors into your inner world, gradually allowing access to those deeper levels at which real changes take place.

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